How to kick the bucket in style!

Rick Thomason quote


Dream the Dream.

Plan the Plan.

Execute the Plan.

Live the Dream.

- Rick Thomason


A bucket list is a list of all our dreams.


Unfortunately most of these remain unrealised for a number of reasons. 

  • They are not visible
  • They are not prioritised
  • There is no plan to realise
  • There is no tracking of progress


4 Steps to reimagine everything and translate it into a concrete plan of action. 


1. Compile a list of your top 25 dreams.

2. Prioritise your top 6.

3. Do the acid test. To ensure balance it is good to have 1 People, 1 Money and 1 Personal goal for the next 90-days.

4. Translate your dreams into a plan with SMART goals.


How I can help you to kick the bucket


  1. A Bucket list template can be downloaded here (get all your dreams in one place).
  2. A One-page Plan template can be downloaded here. (Note: The paper based template can be a bit overwhelming to complete without the right resources, but resources are available if you have a ZMAZH user account.)
  3. Track progress using the ZMAZH online habit tracker. This is the alternative  to the paper based solution. If you do it online in the ZMAZH community you can have access to the all resources and update your progress realtime using the online mobile habit tracker from any device anytime. As soon as you have your one page plan captured your 90-day goals become visible and you can start tracking.

ZMAZH online habit tracker


In the ZMAZH community we define a new plan with three goals every 90-days utilising a simple 3 step process.


ZMAZH bucket List, plan and habit tracker


You can evaluate what we do here and whether this will be useful for you as we ramp up to a big 2021.


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