Lose your Excuses. Find your Results..

Johan • 11 May 2021
ZMAZH 50 Challenge

Lose Your Excuses. Find your results.

(3 minutes read to a decision point that can change your and other people's lives forever)

You are not alone if you are a behind in terms of your 2021 goals.

With roughly 50 days remaining towards the middle of the year and the clock ticking, now is the time to lose the excuses for the next 50 days.

Zmazh 50 Challenge


ZMAZH - What you get

  • Access to the ZMAZH community of like-minded high achievers for 90 days (It takes time to get real results and make significant progress. ZMAZH works in 90-day sprints each quarter, and your original plan is the template for the next 90-day sprint - easy.
  • Access to all ZMAZH features including the online plan and habit tracker (winners and losers have the same goals. It is our habits that make the difference!). 
  • Achieve balance through achievement in all 3 areas of your life at the same time. A very few of us manage to keep it all together all the time. 50 days of focus can make a big difference.
  • Resources to help you define your plan with SMART goals (resource centre as well as online facilitated session) to help you start fast.
  • Closed group for all participants where we can share, learn and collaborate with each other in a safe environment.
  • Ability to share progress with family and friends to other major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Connect with like-minded community members which includes private messaging. To help you with this also populate your profile with the necessary details.
  • Secure and private - ZMAZH is GDPR compliant and you have full control over your account and what information is shared. This includes your online plan - public or private. Your choice.
  • Power of Crowd - you are more likely to succeed if you do it with a team. Studies show the power of crowd (social responsibility and social accountability) is a huge motivator for people to succeed and rise to challenges. It is more fun together.


ZMAZH 50 Challenge - how it works


  • It starts as soon as you join ZMAZH and define your plan and 3 goals.
  • The current ZMAZH sprint ends 30 June 2021 after which you will start on a new 90-day sprint.
  • USD 24.99 for 90-day access
  • Money back guarantee for the winner and everybody that zmazh all three goals (note - need to be 3 stretch goals and not business as usual)
  • To win you will have to inspire with your results and engage the community though your journey. To decide the winner everybody will have one vote for a winner.
  • NOTE: you do not have to compete to win if that is not what floats your boat. Come along for the journey and do your own thing in your own time if that works for you. We will try our best to inspire you to reach your goals regardless.


About ZMAZH (just pronounced it as "smash")

ZMAZH is a start-up. ZMAZH was originally founded as "ok2WOW" 10 years ago by me, Johan Etsebeth. Due to complexity of social media communities and the inherent non-negotiable need for security and privacy development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was completed in 2020.

Help us make it better as we attempt to change lives forever as we pursue good causes globally and at a personal level. ZMAZH is the global performance village where we have one thing on our mind. Lose our excuses and find the results we need.


Don't be this guy (or girl)

Never Give Up

To be honest I need to start moving if I do not want to be this guy.... All three my goals are behind as can be seen below. Keep in mind there was originally 91 days in the current sprint.

I have been in this position before years ago when I posted a challenge I set for myself on Facebook. In fact that is the reason I started ZMAZH. You can read about my story here.

Johan's progress

Notes on my performance in the current sprint:

  1. There was originally 91 days at the start of this cycle,
  2. People goal - Looks easy but how hard is it to find the balance when you are working all the time. This is something I do with the wife and it helps us changing the house to a home. Love the creative nature of this. Originally only 2 hours a week but do nothing for a few weeks an see what happens...
  3. Money goal - I have never done video in my life... check out the first one tomorrow. This is to create awareness of ZMAZH the startup as we ramp up marketing.
  4. Personal goal - Love Crossfit. Need to get to the Gym a bit more though. Good thing is I went this afternoon so now 11/54 with 30 workouts coming up in the next 50 days... BTW - I find I automatically start eating right if I train almost every day. A target number of health days which incorporates both works for most people. This is going to take some doing. I was sick for a week, so now I am under pressure as I did not change the target. Still easier than the video?
  5. Distractions - of course there were plenty. And some obvious limitations like not having ever done video and not having the right equipment to start - now sorted. If it was easy everybody will do it. 

Decision Point

Starting is easy. 

1. Create a ZMAZH account and subscribe to get access the full ZMAZH experience (including the online plan and habit tracker)

2. Define your plan and goals which will activate the habit tracker. I will personally facilitate onboarding sessions in addition to the resources available in the "How To" section.

ZMAZH getting started


You can evaluate what we do here and whether this will be useful for you as we ramp up to a successful 2021.

Get started


It is better together.

Johan Etsebeth

Founder - ZMAZH community. You can find me elsewhere on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Go to www.zmazh.com for more information or to sign up to help keep me accountable and to define your own plan for success. Link to my plan and progress here (requires a ZMAZH account). 

Need more information? You can also email me: johan@zmazh.com

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