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Realising your potential is a lot like climbing mountains

If you want to get to the top, you need to plan and marshal your resources. You need to develop skills and habits, and practice the basics of climbing diligently. The thing that separates great mountain climbers (people) from average mountain climbers (people) – and great companies from the merely good – are the mountains they choose to climb.


ZMAZH - A system to improve


The benefits and difference good and bad habits make is well documented in the New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits by James Clear. We highly recommend buying the book.


The ZMAZH Difference


ZMAZH (pronounced "smash") was founded 9 years ago. It was originally inspired by business best practice in the fields of business planning and the use of systems to create efficiency as well as providing real-time visibility.


  • ZMAZH is an online community of people wanting to make a difference and live a life less ordinary. We become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Maybe rather do it with like-minded people?

  • ZMAZH provides both the planning as well as habit tracking capabilities (Includes historical plans and achievements).

  • ZMAZH enables and leverages the power of crowd - collaboration, innovation, accountability and inspiration.

  • Real-time and visible tracking of progress using the ZMAZH habit tracker and systems. Successful people have written goals and clear ways of tracking progress.

  • Safe and Secure environment - you choose to make your plans visible or not (Public or Private). You can create your own closed bubble in the wider community if desired. In fact we suggest it for journalling purposes.

  • Social but with reduced noise compared to other social platforms - like-minded people on purpose and wanting the same thing. Create and join groups and causes. Contribute, learn and find inspiration.

  • Accountability and coaching - High performers more often than not have coaches. You get better results if you have a personal coach waiting for you at the gym and you have a well defined training program or plan.


Achieve Balance by creating 3-Way-Wins


Winning in all three areas of our lives by creating balance and three-way wins across personal, people and money. This is the only way to lead a life of significance and relevance. An example of a three-way win is when you have a good, and well defined personal goal that is not only a bit selfish, but also results in wins on the people and money sides if achieved. A health related goal is a good example. A healthy you will give you more energy which will result in positive results in the other areas of your life.

I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. (#1 regret of the dying) - Bronnie Ware

Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She recorded their dying epiphanies in a blog called Inspiration and Chai, which gathered so much attention that she put her observations into a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.


Defining your plan made easy


We all have dreams and things we need to do. Most of us do not however have a clear plan of attack to help us achieve our goals. It is useful to start with a Bucket List exercise to quickly identify the important things to us. We then apply other planning tools to ultimately end up with a defined one-page Plan. The plan provides the big picture direction and clarity and also help us decide our 90 day goals. Every 90-days we review and define the next 90-day sprint plan. Subscribers have access to all previous and historic plans helping us to learn from our experiences and reflect on what is next and possible.

ZMAZH plan

Components of the plan include: Purpose, Goals, Core Values, SWOT analysis, etc.

Track your progress with the one-click Habit Tracker  


This is the difference between successful people and the not so successful people.

Every 90 days we commit to three goals to ensure balance as part of the "reimagine" step.

  • One PEOPLE goal (what we do for others. family, friends, charity, causes),
  • One MONEY goal (the enabler - business or career) and
  • One PERSONAL (what you do for yourself, living your passions). 

Track progress realtime and from anywhere


The online plan is your life canvas and is captured in ZMAZH. Updating and tracking progress on a daily basis is easy with the one-click Moment of Truth Habit Tracker




Interact and connect using various methods. Create, manage, and share information in various ways. 

ZMAZH Online Performance community, mobile, anywhere

Personalized activity stream keeping you informed about activities of your choosing

Personalised activity stream

Work towards and achieve shared goals in groups and events. Crowd Innovation allows groups to present a problem or challenge that the community solves together


The resource library allows you to quickly and easily find information and "how to" resources to help you use the community, start your plan and track your progress

Resource Centre


Power of Crowd and Accountability


Various studies have proved that people perform better when they have clear and visible goals. This visibility lead to a feeling of social responsibility where we do not want to let others and ourselves down and as a result we are more likely to succeed. 

Whether you make your plan Private or Public (visible to the community) is your choice and under your full control.


Why have an accountability partner?

Professionals and highly successful people all have mentors or coaches. A large part of the value is in the accountability and coaching. You are more likely to succeed with achieving your goals if there is a level of accountability.

The first level of accountability in ZMAZH is when you share your plan with the like-minded community. This provides social or crowd responsibility. It enables community members to inspire others and share progress. We are more likely to succeed if we are doing it as part of a team. This comes standard with the Zmazher plan.

Next level accountability is provide by selecting the Zmazher + plan which provides one-on-one accountability and coaching by qualified and experienced ZMAZH coaches.


Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

ZMAZH is FREE and it is not....

Money Back Guarantee     ZMAZH pricing


Money Back Guarantee (how it works)


It is a well known fact that offering and handing out free Gym memberships does not all of a sudden result in a fitter and more healthy community. Reality is that if we do not value our own time and are not willing to invest in ourselves NOTHING will change. THERE IS NO SILVER BULLET.


  • Basic access to the community is free forever - no refund option,
  • Should you sign up for the Zmazher or Zmazher + subscription plans your community fees will be refunded should you:
    1. Complete a full 90-day challenge (requires the ZMAZH plan to be fully defined),
    2. The plan have valid stretch goals (not too easy or achievement is "business as usual",
    3. Balance is achieved which means all three 90-day goals are 100% achieved (Money, People and Personal),
    4. Progress is updated regularly to reflect progress using the habit tracker.
    5. Maximum refund is restricted to the base ZMAZH paid services as described under the Zmazher subscription offer. The Zmazher+ onboarding and coaching services are personalised by nature and not refundable as value is created at the time of delivery.

Summary: You sign up, define your plan, do the work and ZMAZH your goals and you get your money back (or donate it to a charity of your choice). 

  • Paid quarterly in advance
  • Cancel anytime after 90 days

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