Your goals. Are they a stimulant or a depressant?

Johan • 5 October 2020

Chemically alcohol is a strong depressant. But in the short term, by depressing a person's inhibitions, alcohol acts like a stimulant. - The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by AL Ries and Jack Trout.

Somebody recently told me she does not have goals and that all she wants in life is an island on which she wants to spend the whole day reading. Well that sounds like a very BIG goal to me. Who has the money to buy an island and can afford to not work for the rest of your life? Problem is that she sees this as depressing because she has not yet translated the goal into a tangible plan with a clarity around the behaviours needed to succeed.

Everybody have goals. And they are BIG. They might not be clearly articulated but we have them. Research suggest that they are better if they are written down and are SMART. 

More important than the goals are however the systems and discipline we need day in and day out to achieve our goals. I have always dreamed big but failed to realise many of the goals to date. By fixing the basics everyday and getting 0.1% better every day my life can only get better exponentially. Compound joy and peace in the long run and freedom choice.

Depressant or Stimulant?

I will be the first to I was not the fastest out of bed this morning. We all have those days. My goals did not change, but I struggled to get going. I opened my Zmazh Habit Tracker and the stimulus started to happen...

I originally planned to get the CrossFit workout done at 6am but started to think about all types of excuses like: there is plenty of time in the day, maybe tomorrow, I have lots to do, etc. My wife and fellow zmazher did not have the issue...

And then I just decided I will keep my goals in the green and from experience I always feel better after exercise. So I just walked into the Gym and invested an hour into myself. Proof that 35 minutes of run 200m do 15 burpees, repeat can act as a stimulant? (BTW that was not the whole workout).

I got back to my computer and moved my CrossFit workouts to 3/65 or roughly 4.6% done!

Johan ZMAZH Habit Tracker

And now I am writing this blog which might result in more people seeing value in joining ZMAZH - The global performance community. I will also manage my eating today which will enable me to move the numbers again before the day is done.


With only 87 days remaining in this year it is not too late to start. Join Zmazh today and I will personally help in getting you setup online. The current 90-day sprint ends 31 December. It is our opportunity to make this year count and have no regrets.

Thought for the day

The results start when we start.

Trust you will have a zmazhing day!


Johan Etsebeth

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