Z M A Z H - the global performance village

Winners and losers have the same goals.

To win a gold medal at the olympics, have a hugely successful business, etc. Yet not everybody succeeds. The difference is good and bad habits. Good habits = positive results. Bad ones not so much.

ZMAZH - The system

"We do not rise to our Goals. We fail to the level of our systems (habits)" - James Clear writer of Atomic Habits the NY Times bestseller.

Achieve True Balance while Making A Difference

Realising your potential is a lot like climbing mountains

If you want to get to the top, you need to plan and marshal your resources. You need to develop skills and habits, and practice the basics of climbing diligently. The thing that separates great mountain climbers from average mountain climbers – and great companies from the merely good – are the mountains they choose to climb. 

ZMAZH (pronounced smash) was founded 8 years ago and is a community of like-minded people focussed on getting results and realising potential.

How often do we meet people who are: all about the money (and the family suffer) or no hobbies because they park their lives (kids, spouse, etc), want to exercise but don't. Most of us suck in at least one of these areas and have limited or no balance.

Moment of Truth

Every 90 days we commit to three goals to ensure balance.

  • One PEOPLE goal (what we do for others. family, friends, charity, causes),
  • One MONEY goal (the enabler - business or career) and
  • One PERSONAL (what you do for yourself, living your passions). 

The online plan is your life canvas and is captured in ZMAZH. Updating and tracking progress on a daily basis is easy with the one-click Moment of Truth habit tracker

We believe there is nothing you can not do or achieve. We do not judge either...


3 simple steps to get started

  1. DEFINE your bigger picture life canvas (online plan)
  2. TRACK your progress online with the Moment of Truth habit tracker
  3. SHARE, COLLABORATE and ACHIEVE with other like-minded community members


STEP 1 - DEFINE your bigger picture life canvas (online plan)

To help you define your plan we provide the necessary resources to enable you to define your draft plan in a few minutes. upload some pictures that inspire you and start tracking your 90-day progress in a matter of minutes.

ZMAZH plan example


STEP 2 - TRACK your progress online with the Moment of Truth habit tracker

As soon as you save your plan your habit tracker will be activated. It is on your personal stream all the time and provides real time feedback on progress and makes it easy for you to update and record progress at anytime.

Moment of Truth

The habits can also be updated on the full plan.


STEP 3: Share, Collaborate and Achieve with other like-minded community members

  • Community overview:
  • Activity stream
  • Create and sign-up to events
  • Personal Journal
  • Create open or closed groups
  • Blog and share news
  • Be social - share progress to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc
  • Collaborate with other like-minded people



90-Day Review

Often we do not realise how far we have come. Everything feels like a slog. It is important to review and reflect on progress after every 90 day sprint before we reset and define the next 90-days.

The archive have a history of all past plans and performance. 

ZMAZH History


The results start when you start