This blog will take about 60 seconds to read and contains a 1 request, 1 opportunity and 1free one-page life canvas planner workbook that might be useful if you struggle with finding balance across the people, personal and money areas of your life. 

ZMAZH balance

It will be fair to say that it has been a challenging year at a global scale. It feels like yesterday when we popped the champagne with high expectations for 2020. With just over 90 days to go there is still a real opportunity to still make 2020 count.

Problem is that I will be the first one to admit that I have not managed to achieve  the goals I set for the year so far. 

The Implication of this is that I am not only not on track to achieve this year's goals, and it will also put my 5 and 10 year goals at risk if I miss out this year.

There is however still an opportunity to make this year count. A few years ago I realised I needed some exercise which led me to buy a rower with the aim of getting fit. I did not however change my habits and the first few weeks which meant that I fell behind the stated goal in no time at all! If I did not at the time post my intentions on Facebook I would not have completed the challenge. It also made me realise what difference 3 months can make.

This morning I defined my plan for the next 90-days (see below). 

ZMAZH plan - Johan

It will be awesome if you can help keep me accountable and encourage me for the next 90 days, or better still join me as I end this year on a high note.

Attached is the soft copy One-page workbook I use to do my planning. It is on an A3 size which makes it easy to print and use. Feel free to use it if it will add value.


Should you choose to also make use of the ZMAZH community which have the online version of the plan (as per my plan example above), you will have access to the associated Habit Tracker that will help you create real-time visibility and accountability for yourself.

Wishing you all the best for the next 92 days. I will be providing regular updates as I progress similar to what I did on Facebook. Hit me up with a private message in Zmazh or email me at if you need an accountability partner or help with defining your plan.


Johan Etsebeth

Founder - ZMAZH community. You can find me elsewhere on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Go to for more information or to sign up.

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