Why not make the next 90 days count?

Johan • 22 July 2020
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My Experience

Although they say life is a journey I realised that I perform better if I am not alone and if I create focus, visibility and accountability of my goals. It is easy to lose both focus and urgency if there is no visibility of progress. That is what ZMAZH was founded on. Read my story here.

My progress in the current sprint.

Habit Tracker - Johan 22072020

So. Here is the deal and opportunity. 

  • 90 day sprint - short and focused
  •  3 x goals to ensure Balance ( 1 x Money, 1 x Personal and 1 x People)

ZMAZH Balance

What you get

  1. One-page Online plan - design your ideal life as a starting point (the bigger picture).
  2. Focus - make the next 90-days count.
  3. Achieve balance though the achievement of 3 goals - 1 for each area of your life.
  4. Relevancy - your goals need to align and contribute to your long term goals in your plan.
  5. Visibility - utilise the online habit tracker to track progress against your goals.
  6. Performance history - access to previous plans.
  7. Meet like-minded people in the ZMAZH community.
  8. Share progress and be social. Blog, create events, send private messages, journal, etc.
  9. Crowd accountability - should you make your plan visible.
  10. Resources provided online to help you define your plan and 90 day goals.


  • Better direction through the definition of your life plan.
  • Do the things you always wanted to do.
  • Safe environment. You are not alone. Like-minded people.
  • Achieve balance though achievement in all 3 areas of your life.
  • Visibility of progress (habit tracker).
  • Accountability to get things done (if you choose to make your plan visible).

Cost and guarantee

Because ZMAZH is a bit like joining a GYM with a personal trainer it is not free (not even for me).


  • Pay monthly cancel anytime.
  • 100% Money-back guarantee if you complete any 90-day plan and see no value. (only condition is that all thee goals need to be minimum 80% complete after the 90-day sprint).

My promise to you: I will personally help you get started building your plan, make sure you have effective goals and teach you how to use the blogging, habit tracker, personal journal, etc. by arranging an online webinar as required.


You can find me elsewhere on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Go to www.zmazh.com for more information or to signup.

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