ZMAZH ????

I know. But I wanted a short and funky domain name. BTW. Just pronounce it as "smash" (like me), because it is all about smashing it in life.

I have been thinking and working on getting the ZMAZH (think smash) idea into reality since the end of 2011. There was many times where I thought it was time to give it up and move onto other opportunities. Mostly when I kept on investing personal time and money to develop with very slow progress due too the complexity. And you might have noticed - not everybody is as excited about your ideas as you are. 

Please read to the end where I will offer the opportunity for you to help me and more importantly help yourself while making a difference.


My Story

We all want to be healthy. Early in 2012 I decided that I needed to get more exercise. I went out and  and bought a Concept 2 rowing machine. By mid-April I realised this is not working as I was simply not using it enough as a result of me not changing my daily habits. At the time I was working for and helping customers to define goals day in and out and one evening I decided I need a goal that can inspire me! I went onto Google maps and put in the name of the Capital city of New Zealand (Wellington). It was 635km by road from my house in Auckland.

  • The goal was to row the 635km by end of June which gave me about two and a half months (79 days to be exact) on the stationery rower.
  • The daily habit required to achieve this was 8km a day. At the time I defined the goal I have never done more than 2 or 3 km's at one time. I thrive on a challenge and it all felt very achievable. 


Crowd visibility and accountability

The evening I decided I need a goal, I also took the big step of announcing my goal on Facebook. No response and no encouragement? But I persevered and  started to do regular updates on Facebook on my progress (or rather the lack of it) to ensure I keep myself honest and that there was a level of accountability.

8km a day is not easy and within a few weeks I was sitting on 11km per day. Old habits prevented me from progress. Before long I did however get a following of people interested in my progress, or maybe they just found it amusing? I persevered and started to change my old habits. Below a few of the status updates I did at the time:

'"9k row this morning. 3 more 9k rows to do in the next day and a half." - Apr 28, 2012 9:11am

"Night out in Mission Bay with the wife - Good wine, good food - fantastic time. Followed by a 7 km row......"- May 16,2012 9:48pm

"12 km in 55 min. 279 km to go. 55 minutes of Dale Carnegie - love audiobooks." May 30, 2012 9:01pm

"Yesterday on the way home for the weekend I realised that I only had two days ( and not 3) left to complete my "row to wellington" personal challenge - 635km. 45 km between Friday evening and Saturday. Did 32 km yesterday and 13 km today. It feels good to be finished!!!!! It was quite a journey." - Jun 30, 2012 6:35pm


Now I am at it again! 

ZMAZH is now the platform I use to define my goals and track progress on a daily basis.

  • I design my life canvas or plan for the life I want (online in ZMAZH) - Big Picture and longer term
  • I then focus (90-days at a time) - I have 3 goals for true balance (Money, People and Personal).
  • I make it visible on ZMAZH (Power of crowd - visibility, accountability, collaboration and encouragement)
  • I update progress daily using the ZMAZH moment of truth habit tracker daily.

My current progress as I write this is not ideal if you look at my ""Moment of Truth" habit tracker, but I will achieve it with crowd (you and others) support and encouragement and pure commitment as it is important to me. Moving forward I will provide an update on my progress every few days. 

Moment of truth

btw: This is my first blog post and I will do another workout this afternoon, so my numbers will move today. Much to do on the 300.

My full plan is available and visible online here.


My Challenge to you and Your Opportunity

  • Keep me accountable and moving by supporting me with your comments, suggestions and encouragement.
  • Signup to ZMAZH and do the things you always wanted to do, but never got around to doing. What have you parked or delayed to date?
    • Money - this is the enabler. We all need it. Business of career
    • Personal - your calling and the things only you need to do. 
    • People - make a difference whether it is a cause, family or friends


ZMAZH = crowd power. Visibility, accountability, achievement and fun. But you have to earn it.

NOTE: Because ZMAZH is a bit like your GYM it is not free (not even for me). Pay monthly cancel anytime.

Go to for more information or to signup.


My promise to you: I will personally help you get started building your plan, make sure you have good goals, how to use the blogging, habit tracker, personal journal, etc.


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