The Speed of Giving. Outgive with no expectation and see the return on giving (ROG).

You cannot always expect something (value) when:

  1. there is no added value to what your competition offer,
  2. there is limited or no point of differentiation and you are not memorable.

If the value you add = 1 and the value your customer receive = 1 you will always create (and receive) value equal to 1.

1 x 1 = 1 (Total ROG value)

NOTE: Value in this equation can be money, joy, knowledge, etc.

If you now however start to over exceed expectations by 10% (compared to past experiences in dealing with you or your competition) the total giving value added or ROG goes up to 1.1. Initially this feels like it does not make sense. Giving something without expectation and for no clear return on investment never does. After all it is extra effort and potentially cost to you. The customer experience can however be a multiplier in the near and long term and it might be that you get 10% or more back as an example. You outgive with no expectation and things are bound to change for the better.

1.1 (10%) x 1.1 (10%) = 1.21 (Total ROG value). This is a 21% ROG.


WARNING: You  might not see immediate results (ROG) as you sow into other people's lives one interaction and experience at a time.

Your industry is irrelevant. AND this is not about making more money. Providing an exceptional experience in dealing with you will always yield dividends whether you write out parking fines, sell products or services or work on a cause or charity. It can be $ or joy or laughter or ...

Thought for today

Try exercising the good habit of outgiving today and you will be amazed. Maybe set yourself a  RAG (Random Act of Giving) target?


Johan Etsebeth

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