Johan Etsebeth • 9 July 2020

Hi, I'm Johan Etsebeth. I am like a lot of you. I have been working for various corporates for many years in corporate strategy definition and the execution of major change projects. But I was still not realising my potential.


Everything changed in 2012

We all want to be healthy. Early in 2012 I decided that I needed to get some more exercise, and bought a Concept 2 rowing machine. By mid-April I realised this is not working as I was simply not using it enough and all my habits were not changing. At the time I was working for Results.com and helping customers to define goals day in and out and one evening I decided I need a goal that can inspire me! I went onto Google maps and put in the name of the Capital city of New Zealand (Wellington). It was 635km by road from my house in Auckland.

  • The goal was to row the 635km by end of June which gave me about two and a half months (79 days to be exact) on the stationery rower.
  • The daily habit required to achieve this was 8km a day. At the time I defined the goal I have never done more than 2 or 3 km's at one time. I thrive on a challenge and it all felt achievable. 


Crowd visibility and accountability

The evening I decided I need a goal I also decided on it and I took the big step of announcing my goal on Facebook. No response and no encouragement? But I also started to do regular updates on Facebook on my progress (or rather the lack of it). 

8km a day is not easy and within a few weeks I was sitting on a required 11km per day. Old habits prevented me from progress. Before long I did however get a following of people interested in my progress, or maybe they found it amusing? I persevered and started to change my old habits. Below a few of the status updtes I did at the time:

'"9k row this morning. 3 more 9k rows to do in the next day and a half." - Apr 28, 2012 9:11am

"Night out in Mission Bay with the wife - Good wine, good food - fantastic time. Followed by a 7 km row......"- May 16,2012 9:48pm

"12 km in 55 min. 279 km to go. 55 minutes of Dale Carnegie - love audiobooks." May 30, 2012 9:01pm

"Yesterday on the way home for the weekend I realised that I only had two days ( and not 3) left to complete my "row to wellington" personal challenge - 635km. 45 km between Friday evening and Saturday. Did 32 km yesterday and 13 km today. It feels good to be finished!!!!! It was quite a journey." - Jun 30, 2012 6:35pm


How My Work Will Benefit You

The feeling of achievement I felt upon completion was awesome and I started thinking about having a dedicated online community focussed on achieving results. A safe environment where everything is possible. 

At the time I was also listening to audiobooks every time I rowed to kill the time. A lot of km = a lot of time. The concepts and of energy management and balance became obvious. It copped some flack at times where I had to prioritise the singular rowing goal over family time and other must do's.

ZMAZH (pronounced smash) was formed to achieve the following:

  1. Establish a global crowd of like-minded people focused on achieving better outcomes though crowd collaboration, innovation and accountability (the secure online community platform for sharing, collaborating and connecting with other like-minded people - think a version of facebook),
  2. Create balance though 3-Way Wins (A one page plan with three goals: 1 x Money (business and / or career, the enabler) + 1 x People (what you do for other people, causes, family, etc.), and 1 x Personal (the things you need to achieve at a personal level). It is easy for most of us to focus on one or two of these and most (if not all of us) neglect one of these. This is achieved though the definition of a personal one-page (online one-page plan) every 90 days to ensure focus.
  3. Change and track habits to achieve real measurable results. Winners and Losers have the same goals. One-click real-time habit tracking of all three goals creates visibility and tracking of progress against plan. It inspires at a personal and crowd level helping us to persevere when the going gets tough.

Truthfully, most of the concepts are not my own. They are ideas I discover and build upon after many hours of reading and research. I implemented the insights in ZMAZH. 8-years later and ZMAZH (the Global Performance Village) is now ready to launch and the "System to Improve" is ready.


About Me

Skills, experience and education

Corporate career in corporate strategy definition, project execution, marketing, sales, digital and online. MBA qualification.

I do strategic consulting to businesses, have a family business importing outdoor caravans to New Zealand and run ZMAZH.

My Core Values

MOVE - If you wait for others you wait forever

CROSSFIT - Functional Movements

PALEO - Nothing with a barcode

FUN in EVERYTHING - or don't do it


Interests and hobbies


Adventure Motorbiking





You can find me elsewhere on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.