Waiting for a "sign" (or worse somebody) before you move on what you want out of life?

Last week this time life for my brother was still normal. A few hours later it was not, after having suffered 2 heart attacks. Thankfully he is well on his way to recover fully after surgery to insert two stents. This morning he posted about the comeback required moving forward.... Let's not wait till change are forced upon us. Everything in life is by choice. What are your choices?

With a third of this year gone, and only two months to go to the mid-point of this year it is time to reflect on the progress made so far. If this year was a clock the year is at 4am. Plenty of time to still move to get the results we envision.


Photo credit: Murray Campbell - Unsplash

It is up to us to realise our dreams and design your own story. Consider joining the Zmazh community, if you want some help and a system to help you plan and track progress. It is simple:

Zmazh System

You can evaluate what we do here and whether this will be useful for you as we ramp up to a successful 2021.

It is better together.

Johan Etsebeth

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